The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing

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You journey through the time portals, gather knowledge from the four directions and the higher planes of consciousness, you reconnect with ancient energymtechniques for balance and healing. You enter into the work of mastery, to lovingly live the wisdom that is you and in softness and humility share the knowledge with others. This shamanic education consists of five different shamanic courses that is recommended to follow in sequence. Depending of your experience from healing and shamanism the courses can be taken independently.

Awakening the shaman - Basic Course Step 1. A powerful Shamanic course that guide you onto the ancient path of healing, knowledge and wisdom.

Open your heart. Awaken your inner power. Heal your history. Meet the power animals, spirits of nature, all realms. Transformational drum journeys, soul journeys… Follow this link for more details and to register. Shamanic Healing Step 2. The journey along the ancient path of healing and knowledge continues. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service! The way of the shaman : a guide to power and healing Harner, Michael J. First edition, first printing full number line. Small quarto in full-color illus jacket with black background; xviii, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.

Includes bibliographical references pages and index. Mental healing. Medicine, Traditional.

The way of the shaman : a guide to power and healing

Mental Healing. Book Condition: New. Stated First Edition. Dust Jacket Very Good. Dust Jacket has a few tears along the edges. HALL01 Photos on request. Shamanism is basically a strategy for personal learning and acting on that learning.

Textbooks may not include supplemental items i. CDs, access codes etc Ten years after it was first published, this is still the leading resource and reference for all those interested in cross-cultural and current forms of shamanism--now with a new introduction and a list of current shamanic resources. San Francisco: Harper Collins [] [], 3rd edition. Trade paperback pp.

This way of seeing is not beyond the grasp of the modern individual. You need only sit outside and watch the sunset, and wonder how many other people are watching the same sunset as you, and contemplate how old the sun really is, and how big, and how far away, and what a miracle it is that we are perfectly situated in our solar system for the sun to be hot enough — but not too hot — to generate and support the life on our planet, to have a profoundly mystical experience.

Not bad for a Tuesday night, eh? Imagine the most talented, most badass artist that you can think of. Now, what if that artist not only painted astounding visual images on canvas, but also went through the trouble of making their own paints and stretching their own canvases?

Moreover, this artist harvests materials they planted and cultivated themselves, and if you trace it back far enough, they also created the ground in which they planted those initial seeds, they created the space in which this round rock of earth floats, and the water, and the elements and atoms that make those up, too. When you really go back far enough, this Artist created everything — where there was nothing, they took of their own being to create it all.

If this were true, what newfound respect would you have for the painting? This is how the shaman sees the world. The Artist is the mysterious creator behind all of existence, and this Earth, this universe, we people, are the painting. And just like the magic materials, we, too, hold the magic of the creator within our very cells. This consciousness comes in various forms plants, animals, minerals, natural elements, humans, aliens, etc.

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The role of the shaman is to translate the wisdom of all forms of communication for a deeper understanding of the world and, by extension, the divine mind. The deeper world of the shaman is a world of nature spirits, of deities, of demons, of ghosts, of plant and animal teachers.

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Online Store

This is a worldview born of a deep, profoundly intimate connection with nature and the divine. There is no limit to how many ways you can find to incorporate the mystical element of the shamanic perspective into your worldview. Like anything else, cultivating a mystical outlook on life takes practice, but with the right mindset, you can bring magic into your everyday life. Art Source.

The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing

If we still lived in tribal communities, the shaman would be the one you would go to when you have a problem. He or she would listen to your issues and give advice, recommend actions to take, and administer medicine. The medicine could range from herbal concoctions to folk magic remedies, special dietary changes, or spiritual rituals. Sometimes, listening with compassion would be all the medicine needed.

What Is A Shamanic Journey?

The doctor is the modern master of the mythological realm, the knower of all the secret ways and words of potency. His role is precisely that of the Wise Old Man of the myths and fairy tales whose words assist the hero through the trials and terrors of the weird adventure. Today, we have healers who specialize in different aspects of the human being.

We have general practitioners, specialists, psychotherapists, and spiritual counselors. The shaman, on the other hand, was all in one. Although science is a marvelous thing that has improved our lives in countless ways, one of the unfortunate side effects of modern scientific thought is the way our healers now treat humans as mechanistic collections of parts rather than as one whole being. Shamans recognize the mind-body-spirit connection, enabling them to treat their patients holistically. Though not everyone contracts the same diseases throughout their lifetimes, we all do share the same experiences: fear, trauma, heartache, loneliness, grief, illness in general.

So, the trick to incorporating this aspect of the shamanic perspective into your everyday life is extremely straightforward: heal yourself.

Demystifying Shamanic Healing & Discovering the Power to Heal is in Your Hands

Here are some ways you can work through your own unique healing journey in a modern way. And, above all, remember that the healing journey is one with no destination. Do not try to reach a place where you are fully healed, where there is no more pain and you are a fully realized, enlightened being.

True growth only comes through adversity.

The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing

While you can minimize and perhaps even eliminate your experience of suffering, as long as you are alive, you hold within you the potential for unlimited growth through your human experience — an experience steeped in both pain and beauty. The final aspect of the shamanic perspective that we will examine today is closely related to the other two: being of service to others.

Within their tribes, shamans perform many roles, all in the spirit of service to their communities. With their wisdom, they serve as counsel to the tribal leadership. They perform rites and services, such as weddings, funerals, and rites of passage, to maintain tribal morale and to tend to the spiritual health of the community. They use their powers of divination to foresee dangers to the tribe, to locate food and other resources, and to find solutions to tribal problems. When the situation is dire, they devote themselves to prayer and ritual, summoning their inner power and the powers of nature and the divine to bring a peaceful resolution to the problem.

Above all, shamans dedicate themselves to the well-being of not only the tribe, but the planet itself, Mother Earth and her many children. As you cultivate the mystical perspective that we are all connected and all sacred beings, and as you work through your own unique healing journey, you will find that coming to the aid of others is a natural progression in your worldview.

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