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The USS Grunion's first war patrol, however, was also its last. In June , the submarine was sent to the Aleutian Islands. Once in Kiska, Alaska, the sub sank two Japanese patrol boats.

Russia Launches Belgorod, the World’s Longest Submarine

Along the way, the Grunion ran into disaster and was never heard from again. The submarine was declared lost on Oct. But the Grunion's story didn't end there. The submarine rejoined the fleet in and served for another seven years. In January, it began a two year conversion that will turn her into a permanently moored training submarine.

In , a U. Navy attack submarine collided head-on with an undersea mountain at more than thirty miles an hour.

Submarine Cable Map

The incident was a testament to the design of the submarine and the training and professionalism of her crew. Submarine builder Newport News Shipyard began construction on her in , and she was commissioned on April 24, The submarine joined the U.

Pacific Fleet and served there throughout her career. Like all Los Angeles subs, she displaced 6, tons submerged, was feet long, and had a beam of 33 feet.

Russia Launches Belgorod, the World’s Longest Submarine

A typical crew consisted of officers and enlisted men. On January 8, , the USS San Francisco was traveling at flank full speed—approximately 38 miles an hour at a depth of feet. She was miles southeast of Guam heading to Brisbane, Australia for a liberty stop.

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Navigation plotted the route based on undersea maps that were generally agreed to give the most complete view of the seabed. According to The New York Times , the captain went to lunch and the navigation officer, believing it was safe to do so, dived the sub from to feet and accelerated to flank speed. Families hope the wreckage will provide long-awaited answers.

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Using underwater drones, it found the wreckage on Sunday, helped by the fact that La Minerve had sunk in an area of low sedimentation. Initial reports suggested the submarine may have had rudder problems before sinking. It was engaged in an exercise with a military aircraft when it disappeared at about 7.

The alarm was raised when it failed to return to its base the following day. About 20 boats, helicopters, aircraft and even a diving vessel used by the French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau were involved but the search was fruitless.