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Clifford Chance's award winning Worldwide Projects Group is recognised by the market and our competitors as one of the premier advisers in the international projects space. The Group brings together a team of multi disciplinary common and civil law lawyers, well-equipped to deal with transactions across multiple sectors in all the key jurisdictions.

The book is divided into three chapters, which respectively deal with the conduct of operations, the financial issues relating to the consortium and the boilerplates of the agreement. Each chapter will include analysis from the perspectives of four different types of company.

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This title examines the most complex provision of the JOA, explaining everything that individuals working in the petroleum industry should know about exclusive operations and their consequences. Joint operating agreements JOAs are well-accepted standard agreements in the oil and gas industry which regulate the relationship between the parties to a joint venture: the operator and the non-operator.

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Traditionally, the operator is responsible for performing operations on behalf of the consortium, while the non-operator is responsible for contributing to the financial commitments of the joint venture. Unbalanced agreements can create uncertainty, increase the risk of litigation and even jeopardise the very existence of the consortium.

This fully updated second edition provides an in-depth analysis of the JOA from the perspective of the non-operator. This volume analyses the upstream oil and gas regulations of the most relevant Latin American countries. It includes contributions from leading academics, consultants and law firm partners who share their insights and experience in strategy development and management. This practical title is being updated to take into account the rapidly shifting arrangements and participations in the international LNG sector. It features contributions from leading oil and gas companies, consultancies and law firms, by writers who are specialists in their fields.

The content spans the latest developments in traditional LNG matters such as structuring projects, sale and purchase agreements and shipping, as well as chapters on LNG from shale and unconventional sources, the forced reopening of contract terms over time and the growing role of smaller and floating LNG developments. This practical handbook explores the various elements required to manage talent effectively.

It illustrates how law firms can significantly increase the performance, engagement and retention of their lawyers by giving them the tools to develop and to support the development of others. It also describes the need to align HR and law firm strategy through talent management, and to adapt leadership and talent management best practices to law firm structures and challenges.

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Edited by Ranajoy Basu, a senior structured finance and capital markets lawyer who also spearheads the global social impact finance group at Reed Smith, this unique publication provides practical, commercial and candid guidance from an array of thought leaders in the microfinance sector. It will serve as a useful guide to the vital issues and will assist the reader in grasping the challenges and trends that will underpin the growth of this evolving and growing sector. This practical title outlines in a single volume the essential principles involved in the life of a mining project, from preliminary agreements, to the sale and purchase of minerals, and the decommissioning of mining assets.

It is intended as a practical guide for anyone seeking a better understanding of key commercial and legal principles and documentation involved in finding and developing a mining project. First published in , 'Risk and Energy Infrastructure' Vol I provided an inter-disciplinary analysis of the project-specific risk factors facing cross-border oil and gas pipelines, together with risk allocation and mitigation methodologies. Our fully updated and comprehensive Vol II looks beyond oil and gas pipelines and considers energy infrastructure more broadly in several important areas.

As an oil and gas province, Africa is clearly a region of growing importance. This book discusses the opportunities and challenges.

Chapters describe the production sharing contract PSC and economic terms governing regional exploration and production activity. Part A of this fully updated second edition looks at decommissioning and the oil and gas life cycle.

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Part B contains chapters on decommissioning and international law. Part C focuses on decommissioning in the North Sea and contains chapters on government policy, environment law, offshore contracting, health and safety, financial and technical issues. Part D provides an international comparative analysis, with new chapters on Denmark, Namibia, Netherlands and New Zealand.

In addition, this practical guide covers a number of ancillary areas, including valuations, financing, tax and accounting. A number of new chapters are also featured, covering topics such as competition law, environmental law and dealing with material adverse changes. This new edition of our best-selling title outlines in a single volume the essential principles involved in documenting oil and gas transactions, from the upstream exploration phase to transportation by pipeline and liquefied natural gas to sales and marketing.

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It is intended as a practical guide for anyone seeking a better understanding of the commercial and legal principles involved. Power: A Practical Handbook is aimed at anyone looking for a single source to understand the key issues relevant to the power sector, with an emphasis on the practical application of those issues in the real world. Consulting editor s : Nicholas Avery, Stephenson Harwood. The second edition features new chapters on social housing, waste management and the use of PPP across continental Europe. This book examines the spectrum of risks posed to the development, financing, construction and operation of trans-boundary energy infrastructure and the tools that may be deployed to manage these risks.

Consulting editor s : Vivek Bakshi, Dentons. This fully revised edition features contributions from leading authorities in the field. Chapters cover key issues such as: the regulation of hydraulic fracturing in the US, and the UK; worldwide natural gas pricing trends; joint ventures; gas sale agreements; unconventional gas in Australia; and the causes of action and potential outcomes in shale gas disputes.

Together, the contributions give a crucial insight into one of the fastest-moving areas of the natural gas industry. Now in its fourth edition, and containing over pages of fully revised and updated material, Shipping Finance includes an analysis of ship mortgage terms and conditions, and mortgagee rights across the main maritime jurisdictions. In addition, Shipping Finance provides an extensive discussion of the procedure and documentation for registering ships on a country-by-country basis, with detailed advice from local experts.

Consulting editor s : Matthew Williams and John Deacon. It also provides a practical guide to developing, financing, acquiring and disposing of solar power projects. Whilst being a technology which has been adopted on a global basis, each jurisdiction has its own dynamics, so the book considers the market-specific aspects of solar power in a number of key locations including China, Japan, the US and others.

The book concludes with a look at the future of solar power; its place alongside distributed generation, smart grids and power storage and the technologies, opportunities and challenges for the future.

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Consulting editor s : The International Bar Association.