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The total number of initial public offerings IPOs in was only 55 as against 85 in and 39 in The amount mobilized by IPOs in was Rs. The mean IPO size increased from Rs. There was debt issue i.

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There was no debt issue in As will be seen from Table In the financial year resource mobilisation through the primary market was still greater. In this way the total of Rs. During the financial year up to December resource mobilisation through primary market witnessed an upward movement and a total of Rs.

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As is seen from Table IPO or Initial public offer is the first issue of shares by a corporate company to the general public to raise capital for expansion of its business. IPO is followed by a listing of its shares in the stock market. In , when global financial crisis hit the Indian economy, the number of IPOs had declined to only It will be seen from Table An unlisted company which wants to raise equity funds but is not yet prepared to make an IPO may place privately its equity or equity related instruments with one or more sophisticated investors such as financial institutions, mutual funds, venture capital funds, banks etc.


The private placements can be made by a company to the investors at any agreed price and quantity as such private equity issues are not regulated by SEBI. These reforms seek improved disclosure standards, prudential norms and simplification of issue procedures. During April-May , the total resource mobilisation from the primary equity market more than doubled to Rs. The higher resource mobilisation in equity was due to a recovery in the secondary market and the floatation of a mega issue in May Resource mobilisation via the private placement route continued its growth momentum.

During April-May , mobilisation through private placements increased by nearly 59 per cent to Rs. Led by private sector mutual funds, resources mobilized by mutual funds during April-June also registered an increase to Rs. The Secondary Market deals in existing securities.

This market provides both liquidity and marketability to such securities. It implies that it is a market where a security can be bought or sold at small transaction cost. Although the Secondary Market deals with the purchase and sale of old securities, the firms issuing new securities get themselves registered on a Stock Exchange by applying for listing of shares. Listed securities are those securities which appear on the approved list of a Stock Exchange.

Only listed securities are traded on the floor of the Stock Exchange. An investment transaction in securities is that transaction which is concerned with the purchase of securities, with a view to investing funds to get an income as annual dividends from these securities and gain from the sale of these securities. The basic feature of an investment transaction is that it involves the actual delivery of the security and payment of its full price.

An investment transaction is motivated by the considerations of safety of investment and security of income. The speculative transaction in securities is that transaction which is concerned with the purchase or sale of securities for the sake of capital appreciation. The basic feature of a speculative transaction is that the delivery of securities or the payment of the full price are rare.

The speculator neither takes delivery of the securities sold by him; instead he only receives or pays the difference between the purchase and sale prices, as the case may be. The trading in securities, without the intention of taking delivery or making payment, is called forward trading. Under the Securities Contract Regulation Act. The suspension of forward trading created a real vacuum in the stock market. The stock brokers devised the extra-legal badla system to fill up this vacuum.

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Under this badla system, securities contract was turned into a carry-forward instrument merely by closing the contract on the 14th day and replacing it by a new hand-delivery contract between the same buyer and seller in respect of the same securities. Badla transactions became the predominant form of Stock Exchange transactions.

It means that if any trade is taking place on Monday it will get settled on Wednesday and Exchange takes place between am to pm IST , Monday to Friday. Sensex and Nifty are the two prominent intern market indexes. The securities and exchange Board of India was formed in With the formation of securities and exchange Board of India with capital markets and securities sector grew up miserably. SEBI has power to examine and investigate any company and it can also visit their promises and inspect the records.

SEBI has regulated market and has issued a number of regulations and guidelines for the securities market which is related to corporate governance for listed companies. This leads to increasing market capitalisation and proper allocation of resources. The RBI has given power for issuing of licences to the commercial bank to open branches and this has been stated under Banking Regulation Act, Sensex Nifty.

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