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Calendar of Hindu Festivals, Fasts, and Religious Events 12222–2025

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They eat only pure vegetarian food on this day. They observe fast for a whole week —eating vegetarian food only. There are more occasions which encourage devotees to fast.

India - Land of fete - List Of All Hindu Festivals

Here again, they abstain from non-vegetarian foods and for some eating only fruits and food with no salt during the period of fasting. The day fasts can be understood in the following way according to the different days of the week.

Monday is observed for Lord Shiva - married women fast and pray for a prosperous married life while unmarried girls observe the fast to find an ideal husband. Fasting on Mondays begins at sunrise and ends at sunset.


Hindu Fasts and Festivals (Currently out-of-stock)

On this day, food is only eaten after the evening prayer. Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Durga are worshipped, but of course no prayer begins without remembering their elephant-headed son, Lord Ganesha. Fasting on Mondays in the month of Shravan is considered even more auspicious. They chant verses in honour of the Goddess Durga and visit temples to offer their prayers.

Hindu Fasts, Festivals and Ceremonies

The Goddess Durga is said to be the Goddess who gives strength and courage to women. There is a belief that people who observe a fast on this day will be blessed with wealth and a happy life. People chant holy verses and carry out joint family prayers in the morning and evening. On Fridays, Hindus fast for Santoshi Maa.

Many women do not consume sour foods on this day.

Hinduism EBooks: Hindu Fasts & Festivals - Swami Sivananda

They fast for a minimum of sixteen Fridays. On the sixteenth Friday, some girls under the age of sixteen are invited where food and gifts are distributed to them so that their fasts are successful and their wishes are fulfilled.

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  5. They offer their prayers, chanting to Santoshi Maa in the hope that their family will live in contentment and happiness. Fasting on Saturdays is usually observed by men on Tuesdays and Thursdays, both men and women observe fasts. They even visit temples for prayers.