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The kids are in a wizardly world that couldn't be farther from Harry Potter.

Heads, You Lose

It seems like their heads, literally, are going to come off if they can't wrap their brains around the right antidote to this magic trick gone wrong. A dark magic Prince is in charge of this world, and Jessica and Ryan are recruited by the Duke to help wrest the control of the kingdom back from his evil hands. Like all good Goosebumps books, there is no way to escape the horrible repercussions of a visit to HorrorLand gift shop. Toggle Navigation. Heads You Lose.

Heads you win, tails you lose: measuring head circumference.

Buy at Amazon Shop at Indie Bound. Cheryl Solimini. Teri Duerr. April Current Issue. Table of Contents. The kids, unnerved by the man, run away.

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They run into the blacksmith again. The blacksmith forces the kids into the corner, and he says that he is going to report them to the guards again. However, Ryan becomes severely startled when he realizes that, beneath the pile of hay, there is a decapitated human head.

The kids, wanting to return the head try to take it, but the blacksmith threatens to kill them if they do. Before the blacksmith can do anything, one of the horses from the stables begins to run away, and he is forced to stop it.

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The kids take the head and run. The kids turn themselves in to the guards. The kids are once again brought before the prince, but they present the prince with the head. The prince feels the head, and he uses his paper to tell them that the head is not his. The prince says that the head is most likely the head of one of his executed enemies.

The kids are forced to once again run away. Jessica deduces that bogey haven't seen any cats, so Simon had to have been lying.

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The kids run back to the rat shack. Inside the shack, Jessica finds the prince's head in a cloth sack.

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Before the kids leave, Simon returns. Ryan throws his voice to distract Simon, so the two friends escape. They once again are captured by the guards, and they are brought before The Duke of Earle and Henway. The two men reveal that they were the ones to decapitate the prince. Because the prince lost his head, most of his political power would have been divvied between the two assistants.

The Duke says that the kids must be executed, but he succumbs to Jessica's offer of another coin toss. The Duke offers to flip the coin, and he does. Jessica is mortified when she sees that the coin has landed on tails. The Duke reveals that he swapped Jessica's coin for one of his own. The kids are about to be taken away, but a booming voice suddenly projects from the sack cloth. The prince's head is talking.

He reveals that he heard the assistants' confessions. The kids sprint to the Prince's room, but the prince is gone. They run onto the balcony, and the prince is there. The prince attaches his head, and he promptly sentences his two advisers to death.

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They are taken away. The prince, Prince Warwick, inspects Jessica's coin, and he notices that the face that appears on both sides of the coin is his own. The kids realize that the coin sent them back to help the prince. The prince tosses the kids their coin, but the coin falls to the floor.

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Both kids grab the coin at the same time, and they both feel the same dizzying sensation that they felt earlier. Before long, the kids realize that they're back on the playground. The kids have a short period to celebrate before Boomer approaches them. Boomer demands their lunch money, but Jessica suggests that they flip a coin. Boomer agrees, and Jessica calls heads.

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Shockingly, the coin lands on tails.