Franklin: The autobiography and other writings on politics, economics, and virtue

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This account, which pertained in particular to economic life in North America, placed economic endeavors within a larger account of commercial and political life. Moreover, in the American case in particular, this larger vision understood economic life as a potentially transient chapter of life, one that served the larger and more permanent moral, civic, and political components.

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In so challenging, it seeks to restore the deliberately incomplete and implicitly teleological economic ethos promoted by both Franklin and Smith. Sign In or Create an Account. Advanced Search. User Tools.

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    Sign In Forgot password? Because of this decimation of native populations African slaves were brought over by the early 16th century to take the place of Native Americans who had died. This eventually led to more Africans being forced into slavery in this part of the world and the long terms effects of this. Author s : Barbara Fowler Grade Level: Middle School grade level Overview: The student will examine the life of Benjamin Franklin and identify contributions that he made to improve the lifestyle of early colonist through his personal and political activities.

    Author s : Keith J. Reilly Grade Level: 7 Objective: Students will recognize the achievements of Benjamin Franklin and understand his impact on 18th century American Culture. Benjamin Franklin and Civic Mindedness. Author s : K. Vanderford Grade Level: 12 Objective: Students will recognize the characteristics of American democracy. They will explain the relationship that exists between rights and the obligations of citizenship. Students will understand the importance of civic-mindedness, civic literacy and volunteerism.

    Benjamin Franklin and his Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin and the Happiness Project. Students will then compare and contrast the two pieces and reflect how these works are relevant in their own lives. Benjamin Franklin and the Paxton Massacre. Ben Franklin Children and Family. Benjamin Franklin Document Based Questions.

    Franklin and the American Dream

    Author s : C. Underwood Grade Level: 7 Objective: Primary and secondary sources are used to examine events from multiple perspectives and to present and defend a position. Ben Franklin Eulogy-Wake. Ben Franklin Important to the Colonies. Ben Franklin Letters of Virtue for Freshmen. Author s : J. They will discuss, in fishbowl or Socratic seminar, why he wrote it and the meaning s of his 13 Virtues. Students will identify how those virtues relate to the issues in high school they face today.

    B E N J A M I N

    Ben Franklin Mini Museum. Author s : Art Fernwalt Grade Level: Objective: Students to be divided into seven groups to research and develop a miniature museum of Benjamin Franklin. Ben Franklin News. Students then will compare coverage today in various media and on individual topics, like health care reform.

    The Autobiography of BENJAMIN FRANKLIN - Animated Book Summary

    Who owns the news owns the people! Ben Franklin Poetry. Ben Franklin Wiki. Author s : Nancy Mazgajewski Grade Level: 8 Objective: In order for students to complete this activity it is necessary that they have their own email account or have access to their parents email account and password. The blog that they will be creating is on a wiki.

    A wiki is a website that you will be the administrator for and is absolutely secure. Students are NOT to give out information to or invite anyone else into their wiki but you and the students in the class. Author s : Jennifer Truman-Nanik Grade Level: Objective: Through research, students will identify the truth versus fiction about Benjamin Franklin as well as learn how to compare and contrast historical sources. Students will continue to develop critical thinking skills by hypothesizing how something may come about.

    Lastly, students will also work on their creative writing skills through the development of their introduction paragraph. This objective may be enhanced with public speaking skills if the teacher expands the lesson to include students reading their introductions to the class. Author s : Shannon Johnson Grade Level: Objective: Students will be able to cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text, including determining where the text leaves matters uncertain.

    Students will also be able to determine two or more themes or central ideas of a text and analyze their development over the course of the text, including how they interact and build on one another to produce a complex account; provide an objective summary of the text. Author s : Joelle Cullen Grade Level : Objective: Students will learn about the many personas and roles Benjamin Franklin held throughout his life, as well as his influence on and contributions to American society.

    Boston Massacre.

    Objective: This lesson will take place about one week into my Road to Revolution Unit that examines the reasons behind the Revolutionary War. In class I read a dramatic retelling of the Boston Massacre while my students partially act out the events of March 5, This lesson would take place the following day. Collecting Research and Writing. Author s : Amy L. Colonial Writers and the American Dream. On the block schedule, these activities would take approximately 30 minutes each day with much of the reading done outside of class.

    If you elect to read the assigned readings in class, the activities would take longer.

    Constitutional Underpinnings of US Government. Correspondent and Advisor. Creating a Common Place Book.


    Author s : Beth Baldwin Grade Level: 7 Objective: In the past, people created common place books to help journal a year. These books often included letters, death notices, newspaper clippings, and sometimes more personal items. Drafting the Declaration. Author s : Krystle Gnatz-Derelanko Grade Level: Objective: The Enlightenment is one of the most influential time periods in the history of this world. It could be said that it is the doorway into modern history.

    This unit is a basic look at the Enlightenment. During the course of this unit students will learn not only why the Enlightenment developed out of absolute rule by divine kings and powerful popes but also what the basic ideals of Enlightenment thinkers were. This unit will conclude by looking at America and how the Enlightenment affected the creation of a new nation. Author s : Jessica Culver Grade Level: 9 Objective: Students will view the video National Treasure and look for clues within the movie that relate to Benjamin Franklin; students will also be given questions to find as we view the video.