Food Oligosaccharides: Production, Analysis and Bioactivity

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Agarose sample 1 was submitted to acid hydrolysis for different times and the oligosaccharide mixtures were analyzed by HPSEC. The rates of production of agarobiose and agarotetraose were measured with the assistance of the calibration curves and the results are depicted in Figure 7. The agarobiose content did not exceed that of agarotetraose until four hours of hydrolysis. Although the disaccharide content increased with hydrolysis time, the agarotetraose content remain constant at aprox.

This suggests that the rates of agarotetraose formation from high molecular mass oligosaccharides and of its hydrolysis to yield agarobiose maintained a constant ratio during these times. This rapid rate of hydrolysis can be explained by the lack of substituent groups that might stabilize the galactan 3,6-anhydro-galactosidic bonds.

These yields are in good agreement with those determined by HPSEC analysis at the same two hours of hydrolysis time. In conclusion, stable reducing neutral and acidic sulfated oligosaccharides with 3,6-anhydro-galactose at the reducing terminal end were obtained by applying partial acid hydrolysis to agarose and kappa-carrageenan. A rapid HPSEC method was developed to estimate the formation of agarobiose and agarotetraose by partial acid hydrolysis from a commercial sample of agarose.

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Intestinal Microbiome: Functional Aspects in Health and Disease

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Glycan Oligosaccharides

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    Human Milk Oligosaccharides versus Prebiotics Oligosaccharides

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