Few-Cycle Laser Pulse Generation and Its Applications

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Pulse characterization is also covered, along with the physical aspects and various technical limitations.

Molecular dynamics driven by intense few-cycle laser pulses

This Guide is designed for industry practitioners, researchers, users of pulsed and ultrafast laser systems, and anyone wanting to learn more about the potential of different pulse generation methods. Table of Contents. Click below to view sample pages on Optipedia. Lasers and related devices have an amazing potential for generating light pulses with very special properties: There is a wide range of techniques for generating pulses with durations of nanoseconds, picoseconds, or even femtoseconds with lasers.

Such short durations make light pulses very interesting for many applications, such as telecommunications or ultraprecise measurements of various kinds. Laser pulses are essentially always delivered in the form of a laser beam i. The combination of a small spot size with a short pulse duration leads to very high optical intensities, even if the pulse energy is moderate.

Graphene enables ultrafast laser pulses for spectroscopy and biomedical applications

The deposition of energy with extremely high concentration in both space and time is essential for applications in material processing, such as micromachining, where it is exploited that ultrashort pulses create only a very small heat-affected zone around a cut. Other applications are in fundamental sciences e. In some cases, the high temporal coherence within trains of ultrashort pulses is essential. For example, ultraprecise optical clocks exploit this feature.

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