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The Beginner's Guide to Vampire: the Requiem Lore

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The Owls Are Not What They Seem: Redeeming the Requiem

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. According to their traditions, they descend from Longinus, the Roman centurion who pierced Christ's side with a spear as He was dying on the cross see the Gospel of John ; when His blood dripped upon him, Longinius was cursed with vampirism for his faithlessness and cruelty. Being religiously inclined doesn't mean that the Sanctified are pacifists or averse to their nature as vampires; on the contrary, they see their damnation as a necessary part of their role as a way of putting the fear of God into mortals and are notoriously zealous in their drive to convert unbelievers within vampiric society.

This is made much easier for them by virtue of their practice of Theban Sorcery, which is best described as a blend of magic and miracles.

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The Lancea first came to prominence within the Camarilla during the Roman Empire, though for much of the Camarilla's history it was as distrusted among Roman Kindred as Christianity itself was among the kine. If you hadn't guessed by the name, Dracula himself founded this Covenant. Compared to the more religious or political bent of the others, its focus is more on the relatively scientific aspects of vampirism- more specifically, its search for a way to transcend the natural limitations of vampirism. Towards this end, it has developed a set of esoteric teachings called the Coils of the Dragon; while they have yet to fully transcend their vampiric state, the Coils are indisputably effective at mitigating many of the typical vampire weaknesses e.

They're absolutely obsessed with furthering their studies of the vampiric condition and don't particularly care about who they hurt if it means another step closer to perfecting themselves. Ironically, this means the vampire splat best able to make themselves into something that's less dangerous to ordinary, innocent people is also the least interested in doing so- their goal is to become better monsters, not regain their mortality.

The Infernalists of VtM without the organization, Belial's Brood is little more than a pack of devil-worshipping madmen that have voluntarily given themselves up to the Beast. Although they are divided into numerous factions with their own competing ideologies, they are all crudely united in their disregard for everyone besides themselves and their single-minded thirst for destruction.

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Imagine Sabbat with a Baali streak. In 2e, their nature is expanded on somewhat; to become a member of the Brood, a potential member must be Claimed. This is an extremely dangerous process in which the member becomes a draugr but has a Beast strong enough to control their conscious minds without the typical side effects of causing them to degenerate into mindless predators.

This process also prevents the new Brood member from performing the Embrace successfully- any attempts to do so will either fail or create draugr. The organization of Belial's Brood can generously be described as loose, with the strongest member of a given clutch taking the role of the clutch's leader or Apex. Unlike the other covenants, they have no place for politicking, eschewing it in favor of the simpler principles of "whatever the strongest vampire says goes" and "anyone can be the Apex if they can kill the current Apex unaided in a challenge".

Next to nothing is known about them; even their name is a presumed one based only on the image of the Roman numeral they leave behind after their attacks on other Kindred. All that's confirmed about them is that they seek to destroy all other Kindred, which they can sense through the presence of what they call a "Mark of the Betrayer. Even mind-reading attempts reveal nothing but an image of the Roman numeral "VII. The Camarilla was the ruling covenant of Roman Kindred during the time of the Republic and Empire until it fell to ruin during the Visigoths' sacking of Rome in AD It was divided into four wings: the Senex the government and nobility , the Legio Mortuum the police and military , the Cult of Augurs the priests and soothsayers in theory, but in practice they were mostly con artists and false prophets , and the Peregrine Collegia immigrants, felons, slaves, and other such outcasts and undesirables , with an offshoot of the Peregrine Collegia barely recognized as the Lance et Sanctum what would later become the Lancea Sanctum.

They maintained three Traditions, which have survived in a heavily modified form into modern vampiric society: Dominion the Camarilla rules the world and divides it into domains as they see fit , Destruction only the Camarilla's Senex can sentence Kindred to Final Death , and Amaranth no Kindred may commit diablerie.

Disciplines are the main powers used by the Kindred to impose their will upon the night. Many of these are based on powers taken from Vampire: The Masquerade , if not in name then certainly in theme. Something that Requiem does explore further is that certain Disciplines are more common than others. These five common Disciplines Animalism, Celerity, Obfuscate, Resilience and Vigor can be learned by just about every vampire without the need for a teacher.

The only difference is that the three out-of-clan common Disciplines cost an additional dot of Experience to buy. Each Clan has their own unique Discipline that reinforces their theme. These can also be self-taught by vampires of that Clan, but out of Clan training not only requires a willing teacher of that Clan, it also requires the Vitae of a vampire who possesses this Discipline of at least the level the student wants to learn note that this does not require the vampire to be of that Clan.

And yes, this carries the usual risks of ingesting Vitae. The five common Disciplines all appear twice amongst the five Clans.

Bloodline (VTR)

Given that there are ten different combinations of two possible, with the third Discipline being unique to the Clan. While this would give ample opportunity to pick a set of five of these combinations so that each Discipline appears twice, White Wolf made the mistake of picking two identical combinations Animalism and Resilience for both the Gangrel and the Ventrue.

Way to go, guys. The five common Disciplines are:. Various other minor Disciplines exist, but most if not all of them are exclusive to specific Bloodlines or have been forgotten over the ages. As in Masquerade , a Ghoul is a human who's been fed vampire blood to turn them into an unaging toady. Unlike in Masquerade , being a ghoul is a whole lot less fun, and far less of a free power-up for humans.

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See, vampire blood - Vitae - is incredibly addictive. It's like cocaine mixed with liquid orgasm. But more than that, it carries a mystical compulsion, making you increasingly enthralled to the vampire you drunk it from known as the regnant. Drink three times from one vampire, and you're addicted to it. And this blood bond, this Viniculum, is all but impossible to break on your own - it'll go away on its own if you don't drink that vampire's vitae for a year, but the Vinculum creates an artificial but intense love for your regnant that compels you to do whatever they command you to, whether you want to or not.

Mortals are most susceptible to this, but other supernatural beings are vulnerable as well. In vampiric society, it's commonly imposed on other vampires as a form of punishment.

Vampire: The Requiem

To turn somebody into a ghoul, a vampire feeds them a point's worth of Vitae and spends a point of Willpower - naturally, they tend to wait until their future ghoul has a full-blown Viniculum developed in order to ensure their loyalty. Once that happens, bam, they're a ghoul. They immediately stop aging and gain a single dot in Celerity, Vigor or Resilience - exactly which Discipline is chosen by their vampiric creator. They can learn further Disciplines, but at double the cost of a vampire learning them, although they're considered Blood Potency 0, can only spend 1 point of Vitae per turn, and their "Vitae Pool" is equal to their Stamina dots.

They can also burn Vitae to augment their physical prowess and to heal wounds, just like a vampire.

Ghouls need to feed regularly, as only the presence of vitae in their system sustains their existence; this requires drinking a point's worth of Vitae from a vampire, with either the vampire or the ghoul spending a Willpower point to "charge" the Vitae, once per month. They can technically "fast" by simply not using their Powers - so long as a ghoul has at least 1 unspent point of Vitae in their system, they still count as a ghoul, no matter how long it's been since they last fed - but if they ever have to spend their last Vitae point, then they immediately lose the powers of the ghoul.

The state itself isn't lost permanently; a fresh drink of Vitae will bring them back to the eternal night, but they can't use any of their Disciplines, and time starts catching up on them. As in, they age a year for each day they go without feeding. And if they do manage to find fresh Vitae, they don't reset the clock, they just pause it at a new point. Needless to say, the longer a ghoul has been around, the more dependent they are on drinking Vitae - age will turn them into dust if they've been alive long enough.

That's not to say that rogue ghouls don't happen. Usually, it's because somebody else killed a ghoul's master and left the ghoul alive, or a vampire wasn't able to renew the Vinculum on his ghoul and the ghoul ended up defecting to another vampire's service.

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  • But any Hunter cell stupid enough to try turning themselves into ghouls to become better vampire hunters, a la the Society of Leopold? They're up shit creek without a paddle. Or even a boat. Ghouls who lack a vampiric master will take desperate measures to get their fix, up to and including killing vampires for their Vitae. While these cases are uncommon, they happen enough for most vampires to realize that they should never underestimate what their servants can do if left to their own devices.

    In 2nd edition, these rules are tweaked slightly. For starters, that monthly feeding of preservative Vitae no longer requires either party spending a Willpower point after the initial ghoul creation, and they can't be knocked unconscious by Bashing damage. That's the good news. The bad news? A ghoul whose failed to upkeep themselves can't halt the decay by taking just one sip of precious Vitae anymore.

    Nope, now they keep aging until they've ingested Vitae equal to the Blood Potency of the last vampire they drank from before they missed their monthly dose.