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The Show Drama Game-Show Thriller. The Institute Don't Come Back from the Moon Drama Sci-Fi. Burn Country Drama Thriller War. Kill the Czar The Pretenders A love triangle involving a photographer, a director and an actress. Blood Surf.

James Franco’s Novel Describes How Actor Seduced ‘Young Girls’ – Variety

Not yet released. Future World Action Adventure Sci-Fi. A young boy searches a future world wasteland for a rumored cure for his dying mother. Memoria I Biography Drama. Edit Cast Credited cast: Scott Haze Sean Jake Robbins Ben James Franco Jake Lamont Eric Roberts Sonny Emma Rigby Going into this I had a pretty ambivalent attitude towards James Franco and after reading this book I kind of still do.

I don't really know what to make of this very odd book or the man who wrote it. Is it the ramblings of a madman?

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Is it a monument to narcissism? Is it a desperate plea for attention? Is it a pretentious manifesto? Is it good? I honestly don't know if this was good because I'm still trying to understand the intent. There are moments when Franco is so unbelievably p So this was weird. There are moments when Franco is so unbelievably pretentious telling the reader about 'real' art, but am I supposed to take this seriously, is he being ironic?

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There are several short stories where he writes about himself in the third person which is really strange. The most disturbing had to be the short story about a girl who sounds just like all of the male characters who hooks up with James Franco. That's right, Franco, in great detail, literally sleeps with himself. I'm pretty sure that is like the definition of narcissism.

Setting aside all of the ostentatious references to films he starred in and using the title 'The Actor' as a stand in for his own name, there are stories that are complete fiction. These range from slightly interesting to WTF. All of Franco's characters are pretty much the same. They all talk the same and they even make all of the same references.

To make his characters interesting Franco does pretty much one of two things. He either makes them drug addicts or sex fiends or both. Still Franco's writing isn't terrible and there was a story or two that felt well crafted and held my attention, but then there would be some strange essay or open letter filled with name dropping and addressing his public PR issues.

It was all very distracting. It seems pretty clear that James Franco thinks very highly of James Franco. This I'm the smartest man in the room mentality can get trying but, to the benefit of the reader, it is tainted with a certain level of holy crap this guy might be insane.

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Overall, this was just a bit of a mess. I suggest reading this if you love train wrecks or if you, like the author, have deluded yourself into believing you are a misunderstood intellectual. View 2 comments. Oct 14, kelly rated it did not like it Shelves: fiction , did-not-like , Holy shit, this was bad Jesus, where do I start?

This book calls itself a novel, but it isn't.

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Not even close. It is a collection of short stories, Franco's ramblings about the film industry, scripts, and bad poetry--loosely based around the concept of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. This could have been a nice book there are mixed media, untraditional novels that pull themselves together quite nicely--i. There Holy shit, this was bad There really is no central plot or characters, and Franco never really pulls it all together to create a meaningful, cohesive storyline.

Each narrator here is some version of a complete loser and sounds exactly the same as the last. And I could have banged my head against my table when I saw a whole chapter of god-awful poetry dedicated to River Phoenix.

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  • James Franco’s ‘Actors Anonymous’ says a lot about James Franco.

Was he really serious? God, I pray he wasn't And even after the last bomb that was "Palo Alto," I am displeased to announce that Mr. Franco has still NOT figured out how to write. In Actors Anonymous, we get to read such gems as: "The seduction of the Virgin was as smooth as a bullet through birthday cake.

He made me think of candy canes stuck in people's asses, and gray rooms where people said nothing but inanities.

They are shallow, sex crazed, homophobic, and women seem to only enter the narrative when there is some kind of casual sex with a male character. The business-as-usual way that he describes how one of his main characters rapes a woman is truly disturbing. I could see his using such characters to, let's say, make a point about how such behavior is unacceptable, but this never happens in Actors Anonymous. Matter of fact, nothing significant ever happens in Actors Anonymous.

There is no character development, no emotion, no depth, and it sucks to read. I checked this out along with its equally shitty counterpart, "Palo Alto" at my local library, so, other than several hours of my life, I lost nothing here. I would implore other readers to stay as far, far away from this book as possible. Nov 22, Ryan Field rated it it was amazing. I finished this novel last night and figured I'd better post a review while it's still fresh in my mind.

James Franco’s 2013 Book ‘Actors Anonymous’ Includes Story About Picking Up ‘Young Girls’ at TIFF

And that's because in many ways it reminds me of a graduate course I took senior year in college called Communications and Literature. I was supposed to take this lame senior seminar as a requirement, but with a little foot work and a really cool advisor in the fine arts department who had some national fame at the time and signed anything I asked him to sign because he knew how hard I worke I finished this novel last night and figured I'd better post a review while it's still fresh in my mind.

I was supposed to take this lame senior seminar as a requirement, but with a little foot work and a really cool advisor in the fine arts department who had some national fame at the time and signed anything I asked him to sign because he knew how hard I worked in his sculpture classes I figured out a way to bypass the senior seminar and take a graduate course that focused on literature, interpretation, and communications.

The course was so intense the professor admitted on the first day he didn't get it either, especially the semiotics and semantics. And the reason I'm even mentioning this now is because while I was reading Actors Anonymous I felt as if I'd been transported back to that graduate course all over again. Actors Anonymous, like the graduate course, is the kind of book that needs to be absorbed a certain way, and parsed with an articulate eye.

So far, in reading most of the mainstream so-called professional reviews I haven't seen anyone do that with Actors Anonymous. I'm not talking about Amazon or GR reviews now. I'm only talking about people who get paid to write reviews for mainstream publications, and who should know better. Unfortunately, I guess they didn't take any grad courses in communications and literature. One aspect of communications and literature I learned about in the grad course I mentioned above is that we tend to interpret literature differently at various times in our lives.

In other words, I might feel completely different about Actors Anonymous ten years from now if I reread it again in the future. If you don't believe me, revisit a novel you read ten years ago and see if you feel the same way about it. As our lives and circumstances change through the years, we often tend to interpret the books we read in different ways. For me, at this point in my life, I think I appreciated Actors Anonymous as much as I did because as a career fiction writer I understood what was written on the page, and also what was written between the lines of the pages.

I probably wouldn't have felt this way ten years ago. Due to the fact that Actors Anonymous is so abstract at times I can't get into a full plot description because the novel doesn't really follow the normal course of novel writing. I have no doubt it's fiction for the most part. And yet it's not an anthology, and I should know because I've been in far more anthologies than I can even count at this point. What I thought it did was follow a theme that revolves around acting, the deep need to act almost to the point of addiction, and all the traps that accompany fame and fortune if an actor is successful.

And it's done in a current and simple way that I think is about as real as any novel I've ever read before. If there were a genre labeled "Reality Fiction," this would be a perfect fit. There's no proverbial sugar-coating deal going on here, and in the same respect it wasn't too over the top in a way I might have questioned. The book does bounce at times from chapter to chapter, which I thought added more abstract appeal. There's a chapter with texts discussing a realtor who boasts about things like her glorious adventures to her deep desire for what I thought was supposed to be interpreted as affection.

I could be wrong about that, but it was an interesting chapter anyway. And it's really the way a reader interprets the chapter that matters most. And then there are chapters like McDonalds I and McDonalds II where an unusual guy who seems to drift with the breeze tries to pull his life together by working in fast food and making a few extra bucks on the side by performing sexual favors for some poor unfortunate who's not going to get laid any other way. In fact, throughout the novel I found many well written sex scenes.

But they aren't sex scenes that are designed to stimulate the reader in a sexual way. Most are raw, they devolve into the darker side of life most struggling artists experience at one point or another, and they often left me wanting to shower or rinse my mouth with peroxide.

However, the fact that they had this brand of clarity only made the novel more intense for me and the overall reading experience.