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The majority were workers in the town's maquiladoras American-owned factories. Most had been raped and savagely assaulted. A remarkably high percentage of the cases were unsolved often the bodies weren't even identified. It was never satisfactorily established whether a single psychopath or a group of copycat murderers were behind the crimes, although various arrests were made.

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And he needed whatever information he could get, because in the novel's fourth section - its astonishing centrepiece - he undertakes another of his epic reconstructions. For nearly pages he takes us through the murders chronologically, describing in the cold, hard language of the forensic report where each body was found, what state it was in, what the cause of death was and so on. Threaded through the sequence are accounts of the various attempts to solve the killings, by policemen, private detectives, journalists and, in one case, a psychic.

As the bodies mount up and all the investigations come to nothing, it becomes clear that what we are being presented with is a vision of hell, a place where horror is unending and meaningless.

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It is hard to think of a grislier sequence in literature. Yet the most startling thing about it is that it is literature. He is deploying a technique of non-fiction the forensic report to describe something imaginary, but which nonetheless mirrors almost exactly an actual sequence of events.

This is neither fictionalised history attributing imaginary thoughts and deeds to real people nor fictional documentary as in a film such as Best in Show. It is something else again - a kind of imaginative documentation of reality. But his fascination with violence is more complex.

One explanation can be found in his background. As someone who came of age during the era of South America's dirty wars, it is understandable that he should side with the view he attributes to one of the characters in , who sees history as a "simple whore He described writing as a "dangerous calling" and throughout his life saw it as something fundamentally lawless, antagonistic to the norms of society. There is a visceral quality to his prose, and often in his fiction he forges explicit connections between literature and violence.

His novella Distant Star is about a poet who is a serial killer, and in the final section of , which returns to Archimboldi, a link emerges between the novelist and the Santa Teresa killings. By writing he got to enact his fantasy. And, in the process, he created as disturbingly original a work of art as you could encounter.

Born 28 April in Santiago, Chile.

2666 by Roberto Bolaño

Died 15 July in Blanes, Spain. Two children, Lautaro and Alexandra. He said "Cervantes, who wasn't dyslexic but who was left crippled by the exercise of arms, knew perfectly well what he was saying.

That's not you, right?

Literature is a dangerous occupation. They said "Roberto emerged as a writer at a time when Latin America no longer believed in utopias, when paradise had become hell and that sense of monstrousness and waking nightmares and constant flight from something horrid permeates all his work.